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Vascular Ultrasound


Vascular Ultrasound

A service provided by a small team

specialising in vascular ultrasound is

now available to all referrers, including

GPs and Consultants, at Docklands

Healthcare and 31 Old Broad Street.

The service is run by ElaineYoung and

Kate Sommerville who were among the

first small group of specialists to work

in the routine application of diagnostic

vascular ultrasound in the UK and

jointly they have 40 years’ experience

in diagnostic vascular ultrasound. Both

have held the post of President for the

professional body in the UK (SVT GBI).

The service, which uses the latest

advanced Colour Doppler Ultrasound

technology, provides three half-day

sessions a week across the two sites

during working hours.

The team comprises four clinical

vascular scientists all of whom hold full

accreditation with the SVT GBI and have

extensive specialist experience of at least

ten years in full-time vascular ultrasound.

This experience includes running services

at a number of large NHS teaching

hospitals including UCH/Middlesex, St

George’s Hospital and the Royal Free

Hospital, as well as large private

hospitals and clinics across London.

Vascular Ultrasound or Colour Doppler

Ultrasound (Duplex) is a specialist,

non-invasive imaging modality, giving

accurate and detailed images of the

blood vessels and flow patterns in real

time.The investigations require minimal

preparation, will typically take from thirty

minutes to an hour, and the results are

available immediately to be sent to the

clinician.This allows prompt exclusion or

confirmation of disease, and therefore

management of any conditions diagnosed.

Patient groups regularly requiring these

specialist investigations include those

suffering from diabetes, heart disease,

high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Patients who may require

arterial ultrasound


Patients with suspected carotid artery

disease who present with suspected

TIA, stroke or who may have risk factors

and require screening. Below, image 3

shows a significant carotid stenosis.

Patients are also referred with a

suspected Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

(AAA) or screening to exclude an

AAA (image 1 below). AAA ultrasound

screening has recently been introduced

as an NHS national screening programme

for males of 65 years or over, however

referrers may wish to exclude this

condition in other patient groups or

those at high risk.

Early detection of both carotid artery

disease and AAA can be of great benefit

to the patient in terms of disease

management and intervention if required.

Patients may also present with symptoms

of lower limb arterial disease.These

include intermittent claudication,

ischaemia and in extreme cases,

ulceration/gangrene.A lower limb arterial

ultrasound scan can easily and reliably

identify narrowing or occlusion in the

arteries and can provide a map of any

segments of disease from the aorta to the

ankles. Fine detail of the particular artery

affected provides information on the

aetiology of disease, location, percentage

narrowing and length of diseased

segments. Below, image 4 shows a normal

posterior tibial artery waveform.

Patients who may require

venous ultrasound


The patient may present with suspected

acute DeepVein Thrombosis (DVT) or

have a previous history of suspected

DVT which has resulted in possible

post-thrombotic syndrome.

Image 2 shows an acute deep vein

thrombosis in the femoral vein.

The patient may also present with

varicose veins or thread veins, some

cases may be complex with recurrent

disease following surgery. A full map

of all the underlying incompetent veins

can be given allowing the referrer to

plan any treatment required.

The team are also highly experienced in

assessing renal dialysis patients either

pre or post fistula, patients with upper

limb symptoms of thoracic outlet disease/

thrombosis, lower limb entrapment

syndrome, false aneurysms, aortic stents

and lower limb grafts.

Specialist Vascular

Ultrasound Service

Now available at Docklands and 31 Old Broad Street


Abdominal aortic aneurysm


Common femoral vein partial



Internal carotid artery stenosis


Posterior tibial artery

For further details onVascular Ultrasound Screening Services, please visit .

31 Old Broad Street – Tuesday (pm) &Thursday (am)

Docklands Healthcare, CanaryWharf – Monday (am)

T: 020 7234 3522

T: 020 7516 1999