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Welcome to theWinter edition of Health Matters Magazine, our opportunity to present articles from

our Consultants at London Bridge Hospital and connect with you in terms of the services that we

offer to support you and your patients.

The first thing that I would like to mention is the GP education programme which is going from

strength to strength with strong attendances at GP seminar sessions. Our Saturday events in particular

have proved immensely popular with over 180 attendees at many events this year.

The feedback you provide allows us to maintain this high level of interesting topics and to make

it as relevant to the Primary Care sector as we can. Following your feedback we have expanded our

range of seminar topics for the coming year to encompass many more interesting subjects.The

GP Liaison Team is always available to help with any specific educational requirements you may have

and will be happy to hear from you.

Secondly, London Bridge Hospital is still currently part-way through a major £15 million development

project; the hospital has gained a new Dialysis Unit as well as two state-of-the-art theatre suites

and a hybrid lab.This enables our Consultants to perform more complex diagnostic and treatment

procedures and is a development project that sees the hospital’s bed count rise to over 130, allowing

us to provide more care to a greater number of patients in one central London location.

To coincide with the development of London Bridge Hospital, we have also expanded our

comprehensive Outpatient Care Service with two new sites – City of London Medical Centre and

Sevenoaks Medical Centre.These new diagnostic and treatment centres allow patients convenient

access to our Consultants and medical expertise in the Sevenoaks and Tower Hill area.We have

also been selected as the preferred bidder to run Guy’s Hospital Nuffield Health Centre and the

private unit in the new Guy’s Hospital Cancer Centre.This venture will allow us to develop

a leading cancer treatment centre and provide expansion space for other specialties at the hospital.

I wish to thank you very much indeed for your continuing involvement in the hospital, for the

feedback you provide us and for the opportunity to care for your

patients. I hope very much that you will continue to visit the hospital,

attend our events and to regard us as partners in your patients’ care.

Please continue to feed back to me and to the GP Liaison Team

wherever you see an opportunity for us to extend our partnership

with you or indeed to improve what we offer.

Please enjoy this magazine and thank you as always.

With kind regards and best wishes.

Yours sincerely

John Reay

Chief Executive Officer



A message from the CEO

John Reay

Chief Executive Officer