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Cardiac Services


Cardiac Services

Cardiac Services

London Bridge Hospital

Cardiac Services at London Bridge Hospital provides a wide range of diagnostic and

treatment services. Our Cardiac Services is recognised nationally and internationally for

its clinical expertise, rapid assessment and customised care. Located at one of the largest

private hospitals in the UK, it offers leading-edge technology, state-of-the-art facilities and

extended clinical back-up.

These results are reported on a

bespoke Cardiopulmonary Centre

analysis system, which reduces the

complex analysis procedure to a single

(or multiple) diagnosis.The unit also

uses critical power, anaerobic threshold

and anaerobic power testing to assess

patient response to exercise intensities.



The Cardiopulmonary Centre also works

with the hospital’s Thoracic Centre to

carry out advanced lung function

analysis.These tests, combined with

CT and radiographic images provide

detailed analysis of various respiratory

medical conditions, including lung cancer

and malignant pleural mesothelioma.

Patients are directly referred to our

Lung Cancer Unit for rapid diagnosis,

advice and treatment.


We have state-of-the-art diagnostic

equipment and use only specialist

radiologists and cardiologists to

interpret scans and generate reports.

Patients can expect to receive the

very latest techniques for the non-

invasive assessment of the function and

structure of the cardiovascular system.

Services offered include:

• Aortic ultrasound

• Cardiac MRI (stress and rest)

• Carotid and deep venous/arterial


• CT aorta

• CT coronary angiography –

provides a non-invasive alternative

to standard coronary angiography

• CT coronary calcium scoring

• Nuclear Medicine myocardial

perfusion scanning (stress and rest)



Our Cardiac Services incorporate

specialist units, catheter labs and theatres.

We operate on an integrated teamwork-

focused basis to deliver a coordinated

plan for each patient. All clinical services

are conducted at one London location

for quick, easy access, reducing multiple



• High ratio of registered nurses

provide 24/7 care

• Many specialists are associated with

London’s top teaching hospitals

• Comprehensive non-invasive

imaging improves diagnosis

Patients are referred to us for:

• Central access to all medical services

• Coordinated cardiac treatment


• High clinical success rates

• International, customised, quality care

• Low infection rates

• Rapid assessment and diagnosis



The Cardiopulmonary Centre provides

a respiratory/cardiac assessment service.

This carries out ratified, safe testing of

lung function, cardiopulmonary and

sleep diagnostics – from consultation

to treatment.

All CardioPulmonary Exercise Testing

(CPET) is performed on the latest Viasys

Masterscreen CPX system. CPET is

essential for:

• Heart failure assessment

• Pacemaker optimisation

• Pre-operative assessment

• Unique diagnosis



Conditions such as aneurysm,

arteriovenous malformation and arterial

stenosis, as well as tumours and clots,

can all be diagnosed with angiograms

performed by our highly skilled team.

They can also provide related procedures

as treatment for patients under the care

of Cardiac Consultants.

Services offered include:

• AF management including radio

frequency ablation with Hansen



and cryoablation

• Cardioversions

• Coronary angiography

• Coronary angioplasty

• Electrophysiological studies

and ablation

• Implantable Cardioverter

Defibrillators (ICD) including


• Implantable loop recorder

• Insertion of left atrial appendage

closure device

• Pericardial aspiration

• Permanent pacing (including

biventricular pacing)

• Related radiological procedures

• Structural disease reconstruction

(TAVI, PFO, ASD closure, mitral


• Vascular disease (AAA)


We have access to a highly skilled team

of surgical nurses, anaesthetic practitioners

and perfusionists who facilitate the range

of surgical procedures that our leading

surgeons are able to perform, such as:

• Aortic root surgery

• Aortic valve sparing root surgery

• Ascending and arch aortic surgery