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For further information regarding the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention services offered by

London Bridge Hospital, please contact the Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinical Nurse Specialist:

T: 020 7407 3100



or ask for beep


Cardiac Rehabilitation


have been treated with angioplasty or

stent procedures, will be seen during

the recovery period as an inpatient by a

team of health professionals consisting of:

• Dietitian

• Pharmacist

• Physiotherapist



Phase 1

Occurs on admission prior to cardiac

surgery, angioplasty and stent or as

a step change in a patient’s cardiac

condition, such as:

• Emergency hospital admission with

coronary artery disease

• Heart attack

• Onset of angina

Phase 1 involves comprehensive

medical evaluation, reassurance, risk

factor assessment and education.

Phase 2

Initiated in early recovery following a

cardiac event, procedure or surgery,

this phase further develops the

relationship between the Cardiac

Rehabilitation Clinical Nurse Specialist

and the patient.The patient will be

provided with British Heart Foundation

(BHF) literature on lifestyle changes

and cardiac rehabilitation, which can

be discussed at length with the CNS,

who will consult with the patient to

create a programme tailored to their

needs.This is a time prior to discharge

when many patients feel apprehensive

and anxious, especially following

surgery; a CNS will maintain regular

contact with patients to check on

their progress and answer any queries

or address any concerns.

Phase 3

This phase involves an ongoing

personalised and structured course

comprising of exercise, education

and physiological support at an NHS

hospital near to the patient’s home.

The CNS will make a referral to a

local cardiac rehabilitation centre on

the patient’s behalf.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is essentially focussed on the

long-term maintenance of physical

activity and permanent lifestyle

changes to minimise future risk of

further cardiac events.

Of these, phases 1 and 2 are currently

provided in-house by London Bridge

Hospital. Our Cardiac Rehabilitation

Clinical Nurse Specialist refer

patients to their local NHS cardiac

rehabilitation centre and remain a

point of contact to aid with the

smooth transition from phase 2 to

phase 3.

What is cardiac rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation is a prescriptive

exercise, relaxation and health

information programme aimed at

restoring and maintaining an individual’s

optimal physiological status. Cardiac

rehabilitation will benefit any patient

who has experienced:

• A heart attack

• Angioplasty or stent procedure

• Coronary artery bypass graft

• Valve surgery

London Bridge Hospital provides phase

1 and 2 cardiac rehabilitation to all of its

cardiac patients. A bespoke programme

is designed to provide patients with

education and information on the

condition of their heart, lifestyle and

ways in which coronary risk factors

might be modified.This includes finding

ways of improving functional capacity

and means of alleviating activity-related

symptoms, with the ultimate aim of

increasing patients’ physical fitness and

returning to a healthy and active lifestyle.

A Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) or

senior cardiac nurse meets with patients

on admission and prior to discharge to

plan the rehabilitation process following

any kind of cardiac event with the end

goal of an optimal quality of life with an

improved, healthy heart.

Those who have undergone cardiac

surgery and, if appropriate, those who



As London Bridge Hospital is an internationally-renowned centre of

cardiac excellence, it is imperative that the surgeries and treatments

performed by our specialist teams are followed up with an expert

cardiac rehabilitation service to enable cardiac patients to get back

to their normal way of life as quickly as possible.

at London Bridge Hospital

Cardiac Rehabilitation