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Men’s Health


Men’s Health

Men’s Health

London Bridge Hospital


London Bridge Hospital carries out

many procedures to treat patients with

a broad range of cardiac and thoracic

disease; among these is the coronary

artery bypass.

Our cardiothoracic surgeons take

full advantage of our state-of-the-art

clinical perfusion facilities.A team of

clinical perfusion scientists utilise the

most advanced technology available to

offer a range of perfusion techniques

– unmatched in the UK private sector

– in order to support, or temporarily

replace, the patient’s heart and lung

function in theatre.

The highly skilled team is headed by

Consultants from London’s leading

teaching hospitals, supported by surgical

nurses, anaesthetic practitioners and

perfusionists who help to facilitate

the wide range of surgical procedures

performed at London Bridge Hospital.

Specialist Post-Surgery Cardiac

Rehabilitation Programmes

Coordinated by our Cardiac Rehab

Clinical Nurse Specialist, rehabilitation

programmes are key in helping patients

return to a normal way of life following

cardiac surgery.

Sleep Centre

London Bridge Hospital has set up a

dedicated Sleep Centre to provide

diagnostic observations and subsequent

treatment for those patients who may

be suffering from conditions arising

from lack of sleep.


We offer treatment for the most

common male cancers:

• Bladder cancer

• Lung cancer

• Prostate cancer

• Testicular cancer

However, we also offer full diagnosis,

treatment and support services for

those suffering from other cancers.

Oncologists from London’s leading

teaching hospitals are supported by

a multi-disciplinary team including

specialist dietitians and complementary

therapists who visit patients within our

secluded and discreet Chemotherapy

Day Unit.

Sexual Health

Sexual health is an important function

for most men. Sexual problems and

relationship difficulties can significantly

affect an individual’s self esteem, quality

of life and happiness.At London Bridge

Hospital, we offer expert advice,

consultation and treatment on a large

array of sexual health conditions, such as:

• Andropause (male menopause)

• Erectile difficulties

• Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Sexual Counselling

At London Bridge Hospital, we offer

dedicated psychosexual counselling

to address a wide range of sexual and

relationship issues.

Sports Medicine

Our internationally renowned Sports

Medicine Team consists of specialist

sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons

and physiotherapists, who work together

to provide a bespoke, integrated care

programme for our patients.

Our expertise in the treatment and

early rehabilitation of sports injuries

At London Bridge Hospital we provide a wide range of diagnostics and treatments

for men. Our Men’s Health Services are recognised for clinical expertise, rapid

assessment and customised care. We offer the very best facilities with extensive

clinical back-up at one of the UK’s largest private hospitals.




Our Men’s Health Services incorporate

various specialist units, catheter

labs and theatres.We operate on an

integrated basis, working as a team

to deliver a bespoke care plan for

each patient.All clinical services are

conducted at one London location for

quick, easy access, reducing the need for

multiple appointments.

Cardiac Medicine

Cardiac Medicine at London Bridge

Hospital encompasses the full range of

diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation

services, provided by the Cardiology,

Cardiothoracics, Imaging and Theatre

Teams that make up our internationally-

renowned Cardiac Services.


A team of highly skilled physiologists

works alongside Consultant

Cardiologists to provide services

offering the diagnosis and treatment

of hypertension, chest pain and

arrhythmia. Patients usually visit

the Cardiology Department on an

outpatient basis.

Services include:

• 24-hour/7-day testing, including ECG

and blood pressure monitoring

• Cardiac ultrasound and Cardiac MRI

• Stress echocardiography

• Follow-up treatments for patients

with implantable pacemakers,

defibrillators, biventricular and

resynchronisation therapy device