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Sevenoaks Medical Centre

Sevenoaks Medical Centre offers cardiac care, including

cardiology clinics, sports cardiac screening clinics,

hypertension clinics, screening for heart rhythm

problems, ECG and echocardiography and ambulatory

ECG monitoring. The centre also offers the revolutionary

PLAC blood test, to assess cardiovascular risk, a full

diagnostic imaging service including 3T MRI, CT, X-ray,

mammography and ultrasound, meaning patients don’t

have to travel to London for investigations.

120 Old Broad Street

120 Old Broad Street was developed to complement

the services available at 31 Old Broad Street, focusing

on dermatology and women’s health. Our Consultant

Dermatologists provide diagnosis and treatment of diseases

of the skin, hair, nails and adjacent mucous membranes.

As well as treating conditions such as acne, warts and

psoriasis, they are also skilled in cosmetic dermatology,

treating scars and age-related skin deterioration. We

also offer cryosurgery – the liquid nitrogen treatment of

conditions including verrucae and skin lesions.