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29-33 Tooley Street

Numbers 29-33 Tooley Street, which house the

London Bridge Hospital’s Women’s Centre, were

built in 1860 as shipping offices. Through much of

the later nineteenth century, most of Tooley Street

was fronted by very similar four-storey buildings.

These were progressively replaced by the end of the

century with huge six-storey warehouse fronts on the

north side of Tooley Street, and on the south side by

the ever-widening railway viaduct to the busy

London Bridge Station.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Tooley

Street became a dock road, serving the giant

warehouses of the Pool of London, whereas before

it had been a route of pilgrimage to Bermondsey

Abbey, crossing various fish-filled streams, fronted

by a whole series of large church palaces and the

riverside town houses of the church dignitaries.